Paradise Sunset with Innecklace

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Today, right from paradise, I’d like to show you a small but beautiful brand: Innecklace. They sent me the silver necklace I was wearing when I went to the sunset viewpoint on Ko Phi Phi in Thailand – which is one of the most wonderful spots on earth, by the way. Prices start at about $26 for completely customizable jewellery: I chose the sterling silver love bar necklace. You can let them engrave anything you like from names to numbers or whatsoever. I’ve always wanted a simple necklace with my mom’s birthday on it, so I didn’t think long about what to engrave. You can even choose the font! I really like the idea of creating something that personal and individual. As soon as I got the necklace I sent a picture to my mom, thinking she would say that it was very sweet. She told me I engraved the wrong birthday: Whoops! That’s typically me.
Haha but well, I still wear the necklace a lot, because it goes so well with almost everything and nevertheless I think of my mom when I look at it.. and laugh a little.


Top: From a market in Bangkok | Shorts: Missguided | Sunglasses: Lapin Sunglasses
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