The Queen Of The Night

It is midnight in the city of unfulfilled desires, and crows are pecking fast food left-overs out of trash piles, while a dirty trickle is leaking out of an old oil tank from the nearby gas station. Under the moonlight the tiny runlet reaches a lean piece of lawn, slowly poisoning its roots. The sound of two heels clicking on the asphalt startles the crows and they disappear into the night. A girl wearing a crown of golden thorns appears out of the fog and strides over the dirty ground as if it was a red carpet. Suddenly the oil slick makes her slip and she falls over into a puddle. She hectically looks around, but luckily only a few rats and spiders witnessed her embarrassing faux pas. She stands up, adjusts her crown and majestically disappears behind the bins. 

Some time
ago, when I was wearing this coat, I was preparing to leave a club after a long
night. A girl came up to me, who was at least as messed up as I was, and began
stroking my feathers. She then said “You are the queen of the night!” and
walked away. So guys, I guess it’s official.
To do
justice to this title I spent the best parts of the last weekend at night.
There was a great independent film festival at Kater Holzig with free whiskey
and afterhour.



I attached
the feathers myself

as a little DIY – both the

feather collar and the coat

from Ebay. This really is a

piece that a lot of girls own,

this way it’s at
least a bit more


Coat: Zara look-alike but actually Ebay │ Top: Asos (Maternity Collection) │ Boots: Zara │ Crown: Asos 

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